Senserbot appoints Intelligent RFID Solutions as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand

Singapore – October 13, 2021 – Senserbot, the leading library robot automation solution provider, today announced the appointment of Intelligent RFID Solutions as the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Effective immediately, Intelligent RFID Solutions will distribute Senserbot’s library product and solutions in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) exclusively. Through Intelligent RFID Solution’s network of library contacts, Senserbot will be able to pursue market share in the ANZ library market and strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

“Intelligent RFID Solution’s understanding of the library sector will provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential in the ANZ region. Senserbot has considered many distribution partners in ANZ and decided on Intelligent RFID Solutions as our sole exclusive distributor because we are confident that Intelligent RFID Solution will deliver the sales and market penetration that Senserbot is looking for in the fast-growing robot automation market. We are very excited that Intelligent RFID Solutions has signed with us to help Senserbot take a leading position in the ANZ library robot automation market with its Aurora Inventory robot” said Peter Mao, Chairman and CEO, Senserbot.

“Senserbot is a first mover in library inventory robot automation solutions. The Aurora robot helps relieve librarians of labour-intensive shelf-reading and inventory management tasks; their soon to be released library solutions are also industry leading. Combining our strengths, Senserbot will help take both of our businesses further in the library technology space and position Intelligent RFID Solution as the solution provider of choice for robot automation to libraries throughout ANZ” said Ms Veronica Steinicke, CEO, Intelligent RFID Solutions.

About Intelligent RFID Solutions

Intelligent RFID solutions is determined to bring proven technology best of class solutions to libraries and help make the “new COVID” workplace safe and effective. Their mission is to enable their customers to operate in a manner that provides staff, customers and visitors comfort and confidence that they are in an environment with minimal risk of COVID exposure and transmission through the introduction of automation, robotics and other technologies and is capable of responding quickly if an issue arises, and able to maintain operations as close to normal as possible.

About Senserbot

Founded in 2016, Senserbot is a leader and first-mover in designing a robot made specially to automate the onerous shelf-reading task in the library. Now present in the libraries in Singapore, Korea and Japan, Senserbot is now expanding globally into ANZ, the rest of Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US with the Aurora library robot while developing and manufacturing other cutting-edge robots that would benefit other industries and sectors.
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