Automated Inspections

Your quality assurance officer, Freya

Have an extra pair of eyes on quality.

Freya Keeps an Eye on Things

Built with the latest in vision analytics technology and machine learning, Freya automates your visible inspections.

By comparing what it sees against a collection of baseline images, Freya will alert you whenever something seems amiss, such as dented food cans on the shelf or mold on a museum’s work.

These baseline images can also be added progressively as changes occur, enabling Freya to account for things such as normal plant growth in horticulture.

A highly adaptable robot assistant, Freya can be deployed to improve and automate quality assurance checks in a multitude of situations.

Freya at Work

Jointly developed with Singapore’s National Environment Agency as our reference customer, Freya was deployed to automate the inspection of niches at columbariums.

Freya scans the niches every night, and flags detected anomalies such as cracks or stains.

Once alerted, staff then take action to restore the niches.

Freya’s assistance ensures that loved ones can pay their respects to a well-maintained remembrance in honour of their dearly departed.


With software based on machine learning and highly customisable hardware, Freya adapts to your changing business needs.


Little human intervention is required for Freya’s operation, and data is automatically uploaded online.


The longer it is in operation, the more Freya will improve its accuracy rate with automated corrective actions.

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