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Asset Tracking

Your inventory Overseer, Isaac AI Box

Get real-time visibility on the movements of your assets.

Know Where Your Inventory's Going

Built with best-in-class AI technology, Isaac AI Box was designed to help you move your business even faster.

Isaac broadens your view on your inventory movement, allowing you to track stock in real-time while reducing the incidences of errors and misplaced items.

With efficiency gains that don’t compromise on accuracy, Isaac supports your business in building a higher capacity for operations with confidence.

How Isaac AI Box works:


Mount Isaac AI Box on all trolleys, forklifts, etc.


Clip a reusable AI Tag on all pallets and commodities.


Gain real-time visibility on your inventory.


  • Gain visibility of inventory movement as they occur
  • Know your stock levels at any point in time


  • No infrastructural changes needed
  • Data adaptable to your current systems


  • Precise item localisation
  • Detects anomalies
  • Proven accuracy rates of up to 99.5%

Designed for:




and more.

Let Isaac AI Box be your Overseer

Continuously Improving

Built with our expertise in AI, Isaac uses machine learning to give you greater efficiency over time.

Seamless Implementation

Thanks to its advanced sensor technology, Isaac has the unique ability to operate without additional fixed infrastructure.


Designed to be easy and intuitive to operate, with low risk of injury to staff.

Isaac AI Box
on your Team

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