Automate Stock-Counts

Your Retail Assistant, Ariel

Keep an eye on inventory-levels.

Free Up Time For Customer Service

Ariel draws from similar cutting-edge technology used to develop our flagship library robot, Aurora.

With Ariel on your team, gain assurance that you have the right number of products in the right place at any time.

Free your staff from manual stock-taking, and allow them more time to service customers. When Ariel keeps an eye on the shop floor for you, you’ll be better able to maximise sales.

How Ariel works:


Ariel scans shelves with your RFID tagged products daily, or as scheduled.


After each scan, Ariel sends a report with precise item locations.


With report in hand, your team now knows what items need restocking or moving.

Maximize Sales

  • Be alerted to low stock levels
  • Reduce revenue leakage caused by misplaced or out-of-stock product

Happy Customers

  • Always have the right items in stock
  • Staff can fulfill product requests with greater speed, thanks to Ariel’s location reports

Free Up Staff

  • Staff no longer have to do manual stock-taking, allowing more time to service customers sales

Designed for:



and more.

Let Ariel Be Your Retail Assistant

Safe Operations

Inbuilt safety features for obstacle avoidance ensures Ariel operates without risk of injury to product or staff.


Ariel runs without human intervention, and is able to self-dock for charging.


Reports are designed with simplicity in mind and are accessible on all devices.

on your Team

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